My name is Rosaura Bagolie. My friends call me “Rosy” and I am running on the Democratic Line for Assembly in New Jersey’s 27th Legislative District (NJ LD27) representing the communities of Livingston, West Orange, Milburn, Montclair, Roseland and Clifton.
I hope to earn your support.

I have been a public worker my entire life and believe in servant leadership, where there comes a time when the needs of others takes precedence over our own and we are called to stand up and help. I am running for Assembly because this is that time and I see a need for a reasoned voice and diverse perspective that will help our District move forward to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities that lay before us.

I am having a fundraiser on October 10th at Crystal Plaza in Livingston. I hope you can help support my campaign. Any amount is greatly appreciated and this is the link to donate:
Thank you.


My family’s history of resilience, escaping Nazi persecution as Dutch Jews to find refuge in the Dominican Republic, inspires me. At age eight, my family immigrated to the U.S. for a better life, settling in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I earned my master’s at Rutgers and a doctorate at Seton Hall. My husband, Ricky Bagolie, is a former Passaic-Clifton UNICO president, and together, we are blessed with three remarkable sons. Frank, our eldest, is a 17-year-old high school junior, while our twins, Jacob and Aaron, are 14-year-old freshmen. I’ve dedicated my life to education, starting as a public school teacher, advancing to Director of Special Education and building principal, and now serving as Superintendent of the East Newark public school district. I’m committed to hard work, perseverance, and education’s transformative power in our community.


My lifelong journey in Democratic politics began as a student at Elizabeth High School when I dove into the world of grassroots campaigning in Union County, working alongside Senator Lesniak and Mayor Bowllwage. From that moment, my dedication to the Democratic Party’s ideals only deepened, propelling me into the realm of public service.  In 2022, I took the bold step of running for Livingston Town Council, emerging victorious in a fiercely contested race. Endorsed over four other exceptionally qualified candidates by the West Essex Tribune, they said, “….her work as a (superintendent), principal and director of special education elsewhere in the state may be similarly valuable.  As a certified business administrator, her experience with balancing budgets and writing grants would certainly prove useful.  Through public debates and statements, she has shown her knowledge on the issues that affect this town (and those that do not).”  Winning this election marked a historic moment as I became the first-ever Latina-Jewish woman to serve on the Council and the first woman to do so since 2014.  I am now running for Assembly on the Democratic Line in New Jersey’s 27th Legislative District because I see a need for a  reasoned voice and diverse perspective, like mine, to actively participate in the process to shape policies and decisions that impact our lives and the lives of future generations. 


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